Sound Spectacular FAQ & Position Descriptions

Regardless of where you serve, we ensure all volunteers are able to watch our band and the awards presentation. To learn more about the Sound Spectacular this year, click here.


Parking attendants direct spectators to designated parking locations and collect parking fees. As our first contact with visitors, this is an important job. We ensure those who serve in this area are fed, hydrated and given breaks on a regular basis.

Pie Tent:

The pie tent is literally a tent where we sell pies (apple, pumpkin, berry, peach, etc.). Volunteers typically portion out some pies in slice boxes and sell them per slice or as whole pies. Pie tent volunteers are close to the action and get first dibs on pie tasting!


Concessions are where we offer visitors quick service food and drinks (hot dogs, soda, chips, etc.). Volunteer stations inside the concession stand include: taking orders and managing a cash drawer, running orders and making food.

Stadium Host:

Stadium Hosts help manage our spectators in accordance with OMEA regulations. They are stationed in the home stands throughout the performances and lock ropes that bar entering or exiting the stands during performances while helping visitors with questions. Stadium hosts have a front-row seat to all band performances!


The Hospitality Area is where we offer bus drivers and visiting bands a place to rest before and after performances. We typically use the High School cafeteria and furnish it with food, coffee and water. Hospitality hosts help ensure the area stays clean and replenish food and beverages as needed. Volunteers in this area get free food and beverages!

Ticket and Program Sales:

These are the wo locations where we sell event tickets and programs, as well as hand out pre-ordered show shirts. Volunteers in this area greet visitors, answer questions, provide items and collect money.

Press Box Runners:

The home press box serves as the command center for our visiting OMEA staff who conduct the competition. We provide them with resources to assist with managing the competition and handle various details. This also includes going up and down the stadium stairs multiple times to collect and deliver the field judges score sheets.