We are in need of chaperones for our upcoming away games and competitions. We have six buses and it’s important to have two chaperones on each bus. There are five football games and four competitions. We appreciate any time you are able to give to work one or more of these trips.

As chaperones, our responsibilities include:

  • Taking attendance when students enter the bus prior to departure.

  • Carrying chaperone bags provided by the BBPO with first aid supplies, along with items to assist with uniform issues

  • Monitoring students for appropriate behavior on the bus and during third quarter

  • Feeding students when needed during competition trips

In order for adults to serve as chaperones, the Brunswick City School District (BCSD) requires all individuals to have a background check, including being fingerprinted. Details on the process for becoming an approved volunteer can be found on the BCSD Forms for Families website. Near the bottom of this page is a form titled, Volunteer/Background Check Information, which contains all the details you will need.

  • In short, the process can be done at the BCSD Board office, but appointments must be scheduled in advance. You will find a link to a calendar in the Volunteer/Background Check Information form which you can use to schedule an appointment.

  • There is a cost for the fingerprinting and background check process, which currently ranges between $25-$48, depending on which checks need to be run on your behalf (details can be found in the above mentioned form).

Below are the dates of all away events for this season. Again, volunteering does NOT mean that you have to sign up for all of them. Please use this link for our SignUpGenius site where you can sign up to chaperone for the dates you are available.

2021 Chaperone Trips:

  • August 27 – Game @ Olmsted Falls

  • September 17 – Game @ Euclid

  • September 18 – Comp @ Perkins (Sandusky)

  • September 24 – Game @ Mentor

  • September 25 – Double Comp @ Akron & Revere

  • October 8 – Game @ Medina

  • October 9 – Comp @ Norton

  • October 15 – Game @ Hudson

  • October 30 – State Comp @ Hilliard

If you have any questions, please contact for more information.